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thece's News

Posted by thece - June 28th, 2019

Hey! It been a month since my last post.

I decided to write something since im bored and i want to write something cause im bored and i want to write something for the sake of something...ness?yea.

So,im been doing sprites commission for my bois,which in return they paid the game i want buy (Thanks Zapchon,dusk is amazing) alongside making BGs for wank 0.


(A unit for narrowed)

For my rip off solo,well,due to some unexpected thingy happen,i havent done much progress to it,now i do make up for those time i lose,but now i cant really sure if im fast enough for summer anymore,if im not,welp,u know what im gonna bring to the table at madness day.


Welp,im out of thing to said about lol,my life still going on steady,nothing much happen so there pretty much that

maybe i gonna start a free OC making like the last time,but when im free ofcourse.

The end of the post.

PS:im planning a bday short for ya sentry,just ya wait


Posted by thece - May 8th, 2019

Thanks guys,really appreciate it.

Summer is coming soon,like real soon,so im intended to finish the short "evasion.swf" in this summer(hope i can make those words come true) so expect new animation from me soon.

Of course wank still in my work list,cuz well,why not.

Also im currently make a spritesheet for narrowed,cuz he pay me game(i got no credit card) so yea,....there that.


Oh wait,i forgot to said one thing,a bday gift for Kenamy is gonna be done soon(i already late like 2 weeks eh.......) so expect that too.

Again,thanks ya bois(or grill) for following me,it motivate me alot.

The end of the post.

PS:is just me,or my summer feel absolute boring?


Posted by thece - April 30th, 2019

Welp,it has been release,go watch it.

But,this post wasnt made just to tell ya bois to go watch it.

That right,here some cells sprites for ya bois to pick em up and toying with em:

[{error:file does not exist.....or it is?}]

enjoy those sprites to ya heart content(work with flash 8 too)

PS:sorry for that,krixx gonna release the sprites himself,so yea,check his account.


Posted by thece - April 14th, 2019

A post for each months aint that bad.

Welp,let get straignt into the stuff:



Yea i got nothing.

Same stuff still going like wank and my solo,but other than that,nothing happen much.

Well,if ya count my upcoming finale exams are something then yea,nothing happen.

Oh wait,i did finished a clip for a collab that i wont tell the name,so there something i guess.

And remake shadz sprites:


^Old one


^Remake version

I made this dude for a test,shadz saw the test,got interested in the boi so he asked me to gave it to him,which i said yes.

And i suddenly remember this dude yesterday,check the boi again and i dont like how it look,so i remade it.

Aside from the sprites,nothing happen.

The end of the post.

PS:eviltroto made an art for me,it quite epic.


Posted by thece - March 10th, 2019

I already said this in the previous post,time to get into it:




I made this OC when im still pretty new to the community(as an animator) for a dude named sebastian,aside from that one test,it never seen the light of day.



I made this OC for a boi name headhunter,this boi is his first version of his OC,the suit inside is jailbreak suit,while he insist at that time that i should kept it,i feel it not gonna fit with the mask so i gave him a cozy jacket.(already ask headhunter for permission).



This OC i made for ecklemir,while the other never seen the light of day or just a old version of an OC,ecklemir still using this boi,now,im not lost my mind yet,but ecklemir already got his own edited version of this boi,which look extra cool and i already delet the gun i made from him,so what u seeing here is what ya get.





Those stuff up there are from the ninja collab,which sadly got brutally murdered by ya boi wank2+0 collab,this collab is hosted by @kryyNG,the ninja is made by him,the weapons is made or collected by him too,while i made those thugs above,ofcourse,i already ask kryy permission to release those sprites,so this is not illegal lol.



Finally,girl version of grunt,while grunt only got 2 angles,i made 6 angles cuz dem hip and shoulder,ofcourse,if ya wanna make a girl OC with boobs using this as based,add boobs yaself.I made this based due to my and Dudin cellfication clip main character is a girl.

That pretty much all i can give currently,also:



@BizWuzzZuzz got an OC now,both in krinkels style and his own style.

The end of the post.


Posted by thece - March 5th, 2019

Been a month,how yall doing?

Well,for me,school are coming back,and so do tests,and it slowly destroy my health.

But im still okie!atleast for now.

Again,we talkin about stuff im currently doing,for wank,it going on good,im manage to do some good progress while im had 2 week of break cuz chinese new year(no im not chinese):


And,so do my short,im still doing my best here:


Evasion.swf coming soon(not that soon but u know what i mean).

Also,i join a smor collab which i wont tell what it is about.

Have a good day.

Da end of the post.

PS:im planning to giveaway my old sprites that have some quality in it,so stay tune for that.


Posted by thece - February 6th, 2019

We are back here again,another update post made by me,Thece

for the past week or so,i have doing requested OCs,both made and remake

First OC i made is for a boy name NitrousTech:


While he only ask for the first version(the upper one) i added two additional version because i can.

Second OC i made is for SentryTurbo,for which purpose i wont show here cause spoiler:


If you dont know,i made this boy based on guijit.

Third is for Ednik:


this remind me of gmod,idk why.

the fourth one is for Star:


i remade this boy based on Rockluki version,the skull is just my stuff lol.

And finally,jsoul boy:


While the other are requested,this is just me having fun with Jsoul,and said that i will remake(in this case is demake)his OC.

While the other dont have download link(for obvious reason) Jsoul OC do have a download link,i already asked him(cause well,why wouldnt i?)and while he accepted,he also give me those shiny robo hands,so yea,if ya bois use the sprites,remember to credit me and Jsoul(if the hands wasnt for the public,i gonna edit this post):


That pretty much all i did for the past days,also,my short update:


Ofcourse i have over the doing damage to my OC stuff already,this is just a way to tell Cethic that the short still on it way,so no worry about that pal.

Wank0 still the same,i still make progress on it,but nothing too impressive or spoiler free to show ya boys.

The end of the post.

P.S:i have done the requested stuff,so if ya asking me to make or remake ya OC,i wont do it,thanks.


Posted by thece - February 4th, 2019

just a basic blood tutorial for new bois:



gonna make a update post after i done remaking a certain boi


Posted by thece - January 10th, 2019

gotta do what im promise before,right?

sorry for the poor weapons library,i will try to draw more guns if yall really want it

thanks for 150 fans lads,really appreciate it


Posted by thece - January 9th, 2019

Hi yall,happy late new year.

At all of ya know by now,Madness combat 11 is out,with a cliff hanger,again.

And as usual,Krinkels amazed pep yet again,sadly not all of them due to the end,now,all left for the finale of the whole series is deimos adventure or MC12(which i hope not gonna take as long as this one).

I love this ep due to the quality and it creativeness,the way how tricky asorbed both of them without us knew about it in the first time of watching,and how auditor while being powerless,use Hank and Sanford as a mean to get his stuff back,overall,good stuff .

Well,of course,this post aint just"hEy PEp,Mc11 iS OuT ANd IT a FUckiNg MASteR piECE"but also an update to all of my stuff:

About my short,after my exams passed,i have the chance to grab at it again,even fixed some stuff now i got more and more experience with drawing,which is good,even better,few week later there will be a lunar new year in my country,which mean i gonna have 2 weeks of absolute nothingness.This time,im intended for it to release in summer of April(if i lucky),i know how it turn up the last time,but i hope to archive what i cant before.

Wank 0 still the same,on it way to blow yall and Krinkels face off yet again,or enough for pep to said"wowie,good stuff".

Cellfication is getting postpone again,due to stuff happen to kirxxe in real life,that what i heard atleast,good luck bro.while it being postpone,i helped two pep to get their clips done,so there more to the collab for yall to see.

While working for wank 0,im also doing some stuff that will be announced soon
That pretty much is about me,Flame Vortex is still around,eck got a beefy stuff for the channel when it done,we also got a new member and some new stuff.

im at 149 fans at the time im writing this,and of course i havent forgot it,i gonna release my madness sprites pack for ya bois(still dont know should i put my OC along with it or not),so yea,thanks alot for reading this,and for following me if ya are my follower.

The end of the post.
PS:sorry for the lack of picture,but spoiler and stuff.