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thece's News

Posted by thece - June 23rd, 2020

a madness blood pack created by me,ya can use it,just remember to credit




Posted by thece - May 20th, 2020


cum right now


Posted by thece - February 29th, 2020

last month i make a events where i make sprites based on requests,and after weeks of not that hard work and school being bruh moment,im finally got em all

requested by nitrotech:


requested by maker:


requested by shadz:


requested by ekner:


requested by seppucrow:


and lastly,requested by jollybag:


Edit:idk why i forgot warpzone oc lol


hope those who requested me are satisfied with the result.

currently i will try to finish off some collabs and done the solo for good.

but for now,that is,see yall later.


Posted by thece - January 25th, 2020

the madness sprites request event begin now

u request the stuff,i made the stuff,up to 1 character limit a person

would receive up to five pep,so yall better hurry

edit:my stuff is more about making original character sprites,not making sprites based on movies nor movie characters,and same with video games,thanks

edit2:the event is done!

thanks for joining in,i will send the stuff when i done via either discord or ng dm.

see yall later


Posted by thece - December 31st, 2019

As ya bois guess it,i still havent done shit lol.

Tho those 2 week break away from animation stuff really refreshing my head,and my motivation as well.

And happy new year lads! i wish this year turn out better than the last year(which is real good and real bad for me).

Currently i got nothing to show,so this post just gonna be abunch of texts lol,but i will get back on working the stuff,and the OC requesting is coming close.

But till then,see yall later!


Posted by thece - September 30th, 2019

Welp,wank 0 is out by now,i never thought it reach such length(my predicament for the movie length before it got render is 17- to 25 minutes),good job on all the members who work on this collab.

So,what my plans after wank0?

Actually,alot,but let talk what im can do right now:

First,finishing up ma boi sentry bday clip and Evasion.swf,and finishing up nitro sprites commission(he payed me minecraft)

Second,learn about 3d stuff from either Blender or unity,cuz why not

And finally,do the requests thinggy i said long ago.

that all i have in mind really.

welp,stay tune for evasion.swf!


Posted by thece - June 28th, 2019

Hey! It been a month since my last post.

I decided to write something since im bored and i want to write something cause im bored and i want to write something for the sake of something...ness?yea.

So,im been doing sprites commission for my bois,which in return they paid the game i want to buy (Thanks Zapchon,dusk is amazing) alongside making BGs for wank 0.


(A unit for narrowed)

For my rip off solo,well,due to some unexpected thingy happen,i havent done much progress to it,now i do make up for those time i lose,but now i cant really sure if im fast enough for summer anymore,if im not,welp,u know what im gonna bring to the table at madness day.


Welp,im out of thing to said about lol,my life still going on steady,nothing much happen so there pretty much that

maybe i gonna start a free OC making like the last time,but when im free ofcourse.

The end of the post.

PS:im planning a bday short for ya sentry,just ya wait


Posted by thece - May 8th, 2019

Thanks guys,really appreciate it.

Summer is coming soon,like real soon,so im intended to finish the short "evasion.swf" in this summer(hope i can make those words come true) so expect new animation from me soon.

Of course wank still in my work list,cuz well,why not.

Also im currently make a spritesheet for narrowed,cuz he pay me game(i got no credit card) so yea,....there that.


Oh wait,i forgot to said one thing,a bday gift for Kenamy is gonna be done soon(i already late like 2 weeks eh.......) so expect that too.

Again,thanks ya bois(or grill) for following me,it motivate me alot.

The end of the post.

PS:is just me,or my summer feel absolute boring?


Posted by thece - April 30th, 2019

Welp,it has been release,go watch it.

But,this post wasnt made just to tell ya bois to go watch it.

That right,here some cells sprites for ya bois to pick em up and toying with em:

[{error:file does not exist.....or it is?}]

enjoy those sprites to ya heart content(work with flash 8 too)

PS:sorry for that,krixx gonna release the sprites himself,so yea,check his account.


Posted by thece - April 14th, 2019

A post for each months aint that bad.

Welp,let get straignt into the stuff:



Yea i got nothing.

Same stuff still going like wank and my solo,but other than that,nothing happen much.

Well,if ya count my upcoming finale exams are something then yea,nothing happen.

Oh wait,i did finished a clip for a collab that i wont tell the name,so there something i guess.

And remake shadz sprites:


^Old one


^Remake version

I made this dude for a test,shadz saw the test,got interested in the boi so he asked me to gave it to him,which i said yes.

And i suddenly remember this dude yesterday,check the boi again and i dont like how it look,so i remade it.

Aside from the sprites,nothing happen.

The end of the post.

PS:eviltroto made an art for me,it quite epic.