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thece's News

Posted by thece - September 24th, 2018

now i can proud that i actually doing something lol

but,this is only the beginning (atleast for me lol)

now,since we here,let do the usual shall we?

first,about wank,we done,everyone see and like it(or dislike it,depend) and we feel good about it

second is ma short,all the information about the progress,i already told in the description

that is my work and my participant being public,but there still some another work tho,as:

im doing bunny kill(using motivation boost ya guys give me,thanks)


and waiting dudin to finish his part at cellfication(i try my best not to show much but still give.....something as dudin dont want me to spoil it,so yea,here da wall and abunch of eyes)


and another short,this time not for the madness day,this short have more of my idea and stuff,but also have abunch of floating rock,"why thece,aint pep getting sick of seeing those?"u may ask or i just ask myself while already know why.Yes,pep getting sick to see floating rocks now,but i doing this for a reason,not gonna tell now but i will said it once all stuff get together

so,thank all the pep followed me for me to have 100 follower,ya guys rock.

the end of the post(dont know if i should thank the one who make me reach 100 cuz if i do more of that cliche thank,it would be meaningless,which i dont want that)


Posted by thece - September 22nd, 2018

it is time,hope ya guys enjoy the collab,we sure do

upgrade grunt(by me):


damaged wank(version 1,by kote and saudx):




Posted by thece - September 21st, 2018

done a short

enjoy me ripping off some stuff


Posted by thece - September 7th, 2018

so.......what to talk about.....ehhhh,right

for bunnykill and cellfication,i finally got time to do them(finishing bunny as i do some progress by now),as i finished most of my collabs(white hank 2:wank being beat the living shit out of him,brutality:moar blood and ninja:steatlh the animation)so yea,as for cellfication,im still waiting dudin to finish the first part(he a busy boi so i cant blame him) and doing bunny kill clip right now.(99% of the sprites u see is made by eshio,the agent suit and the glass is by me)


as for upcoming madness day 2018,i done my rip off fla short,and waiting for sentry to create music for it(the music will be the best part since the whole short is just a rip off)but i think i ask him at the wrong time cuz,well,school,so i can only hope he done before or in the madness day.


so,what else to talk about,hmmmmmmmm

oh yea,one thing,thank myCSOACCOUNT(that name tho) for being my 75 follower,i know,it very cliche at this point right now,but it meant alot for me(now most of my post is thanking the lastest person who followed me,i really need a new way to thank for those support than just thanking the lastest one,so it not so cliche and meaningless)

the end of the post.


Posted by thece - August 2nd, 2018

"oh boi,here we go again"-CJ

welp,like the quote above said,it time again for me to make a post about everything.

the rip off short is coming out just fine(some fbf part i dont like much but it not effect the whole movie so i still keep it) until i meet a part when i have to draw alot of broken bricks things and crack,and due to ma laziness,it might come out when madness day occur lol,so expect to see some trash beside those collab and good ass movies.

as for the brutallity collab,i decided to make new small clip for it since the last one is pretty crap in ma oppion now.

white hank 2,i already done ma part,but if something happen,im kick in to make another part,also the collab is getting really well,so guess u can hype for some recolor hank in madness day or october(im not the one who made the collab and definately not the one who set the deadline,that kry work,that mean this just my guess,my assumption)

as for the bunny kill collab,i made some progress,but i wont show it(not even u eshio cause i need to redo the begin scene,dont worry,i will give it before or when the deadline come)but i do got some idea for the clip,and that included a mech,as i try to add a mech in the clip and for my future project,here ma first design(i put a grunt head cause i getting used to see grunt lol)(saudx i already edit the shoulder to be shorter,so this is just an old pic,i dont take another one cause lazy,and there not much change to it)


ehhh,i expected it to be more cooler..........

me aint gonna talk all about the progress in another collabs tho,cause it will make this post longer than it should so i gonna end here with-wait there one more collab that i need to inform before some boi getting worried about



there,i still do ma work,so rest assume.

as alway,thank passworld for be my 70 fans,and thank ya all to follow me,even if i dont do much

the end of the post

Posted by thece - July 4th, 2018

me not dead


me do fbf on this to hide the fact that it this just a rip off

me put da end of this post


Posted by thece - May 23rd, 2018

reeeeeeeeeee,60 fan!

thank ya all for following me reeeee!

and that joke ded fast huh,like dedspacito.

welp,i reach 60 follower now,so let do it the usual way huh





all the new i got this month already being told the last post...


guess this will....new you...somehow?(does that even make sense lol)


me is falling,how about that!



ye im out of things to talk lol

anyway,thank ya guys for following me,and i never though i would say this,but thank you kenamy for being ma 60 follower.

da end of dedspacito meme


Posted by thece - May 14th, 2018

ay, 50 follower.

welp,even tho i said i gonna post more,but i ended up not posting anything lol.

for the news, i got two thing to said:

1.i have a secret collab



i made a red boi.

okie that all lol.
thank everyone for being ma follower and thank atp137 for being ma 50 follower.

da end of the post.


Posted by thece - March 15th, 2018


I though i never have this much lol.

well,thank everyone for being my follower and thank Nitro Tech for being my 40 follower.

I will try being more active on here.

here somthing that i working on recently:6130307_152116953571_doomgirl5.png


and some scene for bunny kill and madness:nuclear collab.

have fun reading all of this lol.

da end of ze post.


Posted by thece - February 22nd, 2018

that was fast......


thank everyone for being my follower

and thank VoltexLightblolb for being my 30 fan

oh ye i forgot:



ATP OC(credit art)

hope ya like it