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thece's News

Posted by thece - May 17th, 2023

the cat pic is here,as promise.



aside from the cat look skinnier,there no side effect to be worried about.

thanks ya'll so much for helping this little guy.


Posted by thece - May 11th, 2023

You all crazy son of bitches,you all did it!

We reach the goal!

Thanks to the winners who sent out their hard earn money for my cat,it means a lot for me,and for him.

When he recovered (he in vet right now) i will send a pic of him.

Again,thanks y'all for the donation,the cat will be running thanks to you.


Posted by thece - May 11th, 2023

I don't usually use new post for stuff like this,but my cat need this

Long story short,my cat fallen ill (kidney stones) and while i have paid the fee for it 1st day treatment,i do not have enough money for continually treatment, which is why I'm asking for help

The total money i need is 120 dollar for the rest of the treatment,which you can donate to me here:


Of course,if someone donate to me want something done and see i the right guy to do the job like sprites work( no need to be madness specific), i be willing to do it (how detail is it is based on the amount of money),no NSFW stuff though


thanks for reading.



Posted by thece - September 23rd, 2022

And so madness day have arrive to us once again, Happy madness day!

This year I am lucky to be able to participate in the event, with a short that last 3 years in the making (due to life and stuff) starring Mr.Krinkels, with the help of Salty and DatSimple boosting the progress by a lot:


With that came the animation file, have fun toying with it!


I'm also participated in Madness Anniversary Collab hosted by Zapchon 2 months ago, with the last scene being spent the full week planning and executing while took inspirations from old madness movies. I hope you all have a lot of joy watching my efforts and the gang in the Anniversary movie.


I'm also working on a collab hosted by Gary with Nexgo as my coop buddies, stay tune for that too!

Afterward, I'm planning on making another movie, with Hank going though shenanigans while slaughtering though his foes, though don't count on this being release this year.

To another fun and enjoyable madness day!

end of the post.

PS: I will try to finish and release my sprites pack, the same sprites that use in my latest short, so stay tune for that.


Posted by thece - September 25th, 2021

HI ya'll, how ya boys been doing?

It been a year since my last post, mostly cause i don't really have much stuff for madness for the past year (school and life stuff), however, i'm still in the community, watching from afar , and watching ya'll grow ,pep that i know and seen from day one, improve for the past year and the explosion of the community recent months really make me happy.

So,what did i do for the past months?

Again, nothing much.

currently there a project (a short) that i'm making feature Krinkels as the star, which took longer than i thought (2 years actually, what the fuck):


I'm also took a small part in Madness duel hosted by Chub (with Nexgoo as my duelist partner) and Jail break:Fall of Helios hosted by JollyBag:




And finally, i'm took a part in madness cringehank hosted by Zapchon:



And that all really, school have been took most of my time (until recently), so all i can really do was watching pep doing and posting stuff. And while all i did was watching and talking from the sideline, seeing ya'll improve, become better and better since day one, really make me proud.

And the big explosion thanks to the Friday Night Funkin game and the tricky mod really surprised, and excited me ,seeing the amount of new bloods that come into this community. Hell, this Madness day was full of quality, and surprises, really make my old blood pumping when watching submissions for this day.

ya guys the best, and i wont have it other ways.


there is some drama though out the months though, which suck, then again, ain't a community without some drama here and then.

wish ya'll my best luck, and happy late Madness day!


Posted by thece - June 23rd, 2020

a madness blood pack created by me,ya can use it,just remember to credit




Posted by thece - May 20th, 2020


cum right now


Posted by thece - February 29th, 2020

last month i make a events where i make sprites based on requests,and after weeks of not that hard work and school being bruh moment,im finally got em all

requested by nitrotech:


requested by maker:


requested by shadz:


requested by ekner:


requested by seppucrow:


and lastly,requested by jollybag:


Edit:idk why i forgot warpzone oc lol


hope those who requested me are satisfied with the result.

currently i will try to finish off some collabs and done the solo for good.

but for now,that is,see yall later.


Posted by thece - January 25th, 2020

the madness sprites request event begin now

u request the stuff,i made the stuff,up to 1 character limit a person

would receive up to five pep,so yall better hurry

edit:my stuff is more about making original character sprites,not making sprites based on movies nor movie characters,and same with video games,thanks

edit2:the event is done!

thanks for joining in,i will send the stuff when i done via either discord or ng dm.

see yall later


Posted by thece - December 31st, 2019

As ya bois guess it,i still havent done shit lol.

Tho those 2 week break away from animation stuff really refreshing my head,and my motivation as well.

And happy new year lads! i wish this year turn out better than the last year(which is real good and real bad for me).

Currently i got nothing to show,so this post just gonna be abunch of texts lol,but i will get back on working the stuff,and the OC requesting is coming close.

But till then,see yall later!