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the animation only have 2 minutes,and the "animation"here have 3 minutes length
it an improve from the past,but so little i barely notice it bro.
also sex scene,without plot development to it,why.
the other already said about enemies,animation itself,so this is all i got for ya.

i cant said much,cuz i already said stuff thought the feedback already,but still,pretty cool stuff

What the fuck,why is this animation only got 3 pages of comments?
The story building is pretty good,i like what ya did with the BGs,very...you?idk,that was my feel lol.
For the dialogues,this it would better if ya give each bois a color of it own,or show the name of who are currently talking by then,im only see ya did it in the end of the animation,but only with Ceres and Dione,while kept the same with other bois.
Anyway,im sharing this work to the other now,cuz this my friend,is a hidden gem.

HarryDeeGunman responds:

Aw, come on! It's not that big of a deal. Thanks anyway! I appreciate your comment!

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good short game,also that is not how baseball work lol

the game despite being simplistic,is very fun and the mutil endings sure make it have some replay value,tbh,if this game were release in madness day,it would be pick up by Krinkels lol
hope to see more from u lad

never thought a simple game about guns could be quite a time killer
thank you,very cool

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This song give me the chill,it would fit if ya release this boi on halloween
remind me of a rap battle that i cant remember the name,cuz that just how bad my memory is lol

while i like the whole song for it mysterious feeling at the start and it lyrics,the first part of the song(from 0:46 to 1:06)the lyrics sound off with the song,but overall,another good song from you.

cool beat

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good stuff
also may may

epic,as this art should be

happy Christmas to you

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